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Bath Restaurant Deals And Special Offers From The Olive Tree Restaurant

Seasons come and go, as do festivals, exhibitions, concerts, landmark dates and such. There are also special menus, bright ideas and surprising treats: this is where you’ll find news of them all, so we suggest (firstly) refreshing the page often and (secondly) signing up to our monthly email which will deliver what’s topical and timely while it’s still as warm as fresh toast.

These are some of the best restaurant offers in Bath, and knowledge is power (it’s available here.)

The Queensberry Hotel Bath Special Offer ReBalance

A Taste of Spring

Let’s put those drinks up and greet Chris Cleghorn’s mouthwatering Taste of Spring menu.

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What About Lunch

Alongside the option of a ‘SIX’- and ‘NINE’-course, We now offer a ‘FOUR’ and ‘THREE’-course tasting menu for lunch.

The Queensberry Hotel Bath Special Offer ReBalance

A Gourmet Getaway

Enjoy a gourmet experience in Bath. Make the most of your midweek!

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