Special Offer

A Gourmet Getaway

The Queensberry Hotel Bath Special Offer A Gourmet Getaway

A Gourmet Getaway. Enjoy a gourmet experience in Bath

Make the most of your midweek! You are invited to join us at Bath’s only Michelin star restaurant – why not make an average weekday extra special.

Gourmet means different things to different people. The dictionary dictates that it is a connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate. We certainly know a thing or two about the gourmet mentality, and we are positively expert at providing exceptional getaways. Given that we have been the recipient of plenty of awards, not only for our restaurant but also for our hotel, we decided to combine the two.

We wanted to provide an experience that encompassed unforgettable hotel service and Michelin starred food, so we created the Gourmet Getaway.

In the Olive Tree Restaurant, our Michelin Star restaurant in Bath, lead by Head Chef Chris Cleghorn, you can enjoy his exceptional SIX tasting menu, as well as an overnight stay in a sumptuous and comfortable room or suite of your choice at the Queensberry Hotel. The following morning, return to the Olive Tree Restaurant and enjoy a delectable Full English Breakfast.

We cannot think of any better way to improve your week.

For the extra gourmet experience, upgrade to the NINE tasting menu on the night. Discover the Olive Tree’s SIX and NINE menus here.

This experience is only available when you book directly with our hotel to dine at the only Michelin starred restaurant in Bath.

Flexible rate – 48 hours cancellation policy. Available Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, subject to availability.