There is plenty of talent to be found in Bath. Restaurants can have their pick of exceptional individuals, and here at the Olive Tree we have been lucky enough to build a team that truly excels in the kitchen. In our latest blog, we would like to introduce you to Jasmine, our chef de partie.


Good afternoon Jasmine. Thank you for sparing a few moments to have a talk with us. First of all, what does your role entail and how did you come to work at the only Michelin star restaurant in Bath?

No problem. I am chef de partie here at the Olive Tree and I work primarily on larder and garnish. I have been here for around 8 months now – before joining Chef’s brigade I worked as a chef elsewhere and before that, started out as an apprentice at another restaurant.


It is clear that you are passionate about cooking, but what drew you to this role in particular?

I worked my way to where I am now mainly because I wanted a challenge and I loved the food that chef was creating; when people talk about where to eat in Bath, it’s rare to not hear the Olive Tree mentioned! It made sense for me to aim high and work here.


Can you tell us a little bit about an average day, if one exists!

Every day is different, but exciting. My larder responsibilities see me both cook and plate the food. When I am on the garnish station that involves me just cooking – if there is time I move onto the pass plating up. Chef always checks before it goes out to the guests, but I present it. When it comes to service time and I’ve been prepping all day the moment I get to start
plating the dishes is something special – I love putting everything together; all the work from the morning is realised so it is very satisfying.


If you can, please describe the restaurant in only 3 words…

Modern, atmospheric, exciting!


And finally – what’s your favourite dish?

Wiltshire lamb rump, white asparagus, anchovies, wild garlic, ewes curd.


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