The Holburne Museum

A history of bath, a history of art,

a celebration of both

The Holburne Museum was built to be an amazing hotel but now hosts fine and decorative art instead of guests. (Whereas we, of course, were once just two elegant townhouses but are now a luxurious small hotel close to The Holburne Museum and all of Bath’s attractions.)

Examples of what’s made Bath unique and striking over the centuries are on show here, whether Renaissance treasures, works by Gainsborough or something contemporary or cutting-edge from its frequently-changing exhibitions.

Sir William Holburne founded the museum, which represents two eras well: Golden-Age Dutch pieces (i.e.,  broadly 17th century works, including miniature objects, such as gems and portrait miniatures) and works from the Golden Age of British painting (very approximately 1730s to 1850s, encompassing Hogarth and Hoare, both residents of Bath, as well as Reynolds, Gainsborough, Zoffany, Stubbs and Ramsay).

If the wealth of art leaves you in need of sustenance, the Holburne’s Garden Café, which opens onto Sydney Gardens, gas won awards for its design and plaudits for its fresh and delicious food.

And there’s always the option, of course, to make a trip to The Holburne part of a prolonged stay, using our luxury boutique hotel and Michelin-starred Olive Tree restaurant as a base.