To be clear, we are NOT saying awards are like London buses – you don’t have to work to catch a London bus, merely wait – but this does seem to be the season for recognition, and how lovely to be recognised by the readers of Somerset Life.

They’ve seen fit to vote for us in sufficient numbers for us to be shortlisted as a finalist in the category of Best Restaurant / Dining Experience of the Year.

As with our other recent news, it’s not just good to know that people think of us at such times, it’s also a very tangible way in which the unflagging creativity and sheer hard work of Chris Cleghorn (our head chef) and his team are recognised. They, like all of us, are very much looking forward to the Awards dinner at Brympton House in Yeovil, later in September.

Whatever the outcome, we know it’ll be an enjoyable night, and we’re also thankful (again, whoever wins) to everyone who mentioned us such that we’ve been invited to the event.

And yes, we’ll let you know how we get on …