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What About Lunch

Those Three Special Words

It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words, like

‘What about lunch?’

–  AA Milne

We realise people’s lives have changed in recent years, that everything’s somehow a little looser: sometimes we work from home, work flexibly, work longer days to free up others, work later for free up daytimes.

So while we welcome many diners at traditional times, our changed schedules mean more demand for what we do all day and all week long.

Catching up with a friend for a midweek lunch might once have seemed deliberately obtuse, but now it’s a different world, so why not embrace it?

Alongside the option of a ‘SIX’- and ‘NINE’-course lunch, we also offer a ‘FOUR’-course version for £80 and we are now also offering a new ‘THREE’-course tasting menu. (A tasting menu, of course, differs from the à la carte by virtue of the variety and size of its servings, which are ways to amuse the heck out of your bouche more than course-sized statements of intent.)

We’re not pretending that finding the finest tasting menu in Bath is necessarily straightforward, because it’s a rich and rewarding field out there. What we are saying is that if it’s Peak Lunch you crave, you’re entitled to take into account the views of objective judges. They have decided The Olive Tree deserves a Michelin Star; so now all you have to decide is, firstly, do you deserve an Olive Tree lunch and, secondly, when can you come?