Environmental Policy

Never has it been so important to understand the impact that our actions have upon the environment.

Every member of our team at The Queensberry Hotel is now challenged to consider how we can reduce our impact on the environment, whether that is through local purchasing to reduce food miles or through initiatives to reduce waste. We now see a reduction of our carbon footprint as not an opportunity, but as an essential driver for the future of our business. We are working closely with the Green Tourism Business Scheme with the aim to be the first silver award winning hotel in Bath.



In March 2008 we installed a boiler maintenance system in an effort to substantially increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. A reduction in consumption of 25-30% has been recorded to date. We have introduced a programme of replacing all light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives. We will continue to research and implement other systems, technologies and practices to minimise energy consumption.



All of the toilet cisterns in the building are dual flush water efficient models or are fitted with a water displacement system to reduce water consumption. Guests will be given the choice to reuse their towels and bed-linen in an effort to reduce water and chemicals through laundering. By working closely with M & A, we are replacing all possible cleaning products and chemicals with non-toxic environmentally friendly alternatives as well as introducing micro-fibre technology to reduce chemical and water usage. Our gardens are primarily maintained by rain water collected in a water butt.



We have introduced a process of waste segregation in order to recycle all glass, cardboard and paper products. We will endeavour to source a service provider to allow further recycling to include food waste as well as re-using packaging.



The majority of the produce used in the restaurant is locally sourced to minimise food miles and where possible is also organic. We work closely with local growers to ensure that we are sourcing the best seasonal, organic and ethically sourced produce. The supply of other operational products such as stationery, cleaning and maintenance materials are sourced as much as possible from local companies.


Raw materials

We are replacing all of our paper products with items that are either manufactured from UK recycled material or made from sustainable accredited sources. The laundry company that we use for all of our laundering requirements has an environmental policy to ensure minimal impact from detergents as well as efficient usage of water.


Our colleagues

As an organisation we encourage all of our team members to be aware of their own impact of the environment through their day to day operations. “Environmental Champions” have been nominated throughout the hotel to monitor policies and procedures as well as recognise new opportunities.