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  • Joss Roussanne


    Our new restaurant manager, Joss Roussanne, has begun work at The Olive Tree and we’re thrilled he’s here. He comes to us with an impressive array of experience acquired from a range of places such as Bovey Castle, The Manor House at Castle Combe as well as plenty of Parisian… Read More

  • If you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing


    But if you’ve lovely things in mind, well …  The Arbuturian is a daily online magazine providing “intelligent content for a cultured readership”. Calculate our thrilledness, then, to read that our menu is “tantalising to read and even more pleasing to taste”, that “attention to detail and friendly, helpful staff… Read More

  • Crumbs!


    And crikey, Crumbs aren’t half keen … Top Bristol and Bath food-fanciers, Crumbs magazine, sent the editor along to take notes and peep beneath our pie-crusts with forensic intent. And they loved it! They say “Brodie is a great technician but he keeps things simple, letting the produce do the… Read More

  • The Great Bath Feast


    I am really pleased that Bath has dedicated an entire month to the celebration of food in our city. The Great Bath Feast has proven that Bath has an enormous amount to offer food lovers, from some of the best independent cafés in the South West to the ultimate in… Read More

  • Summer Time


    Summer’s always an exciting time of the year in the kitchen, with such a wealth of ingredients to use. But you can’t get much better than June to October, when the mighty migratory Albacore tuna pass close to the Cornish coast. They weigh around 15kg, are roughly 100… Read More

  • Mrs Beere declares her new favourite wine!


    It is funny that she remembers now that this is her favourite wine as I am sure that I introduced this to her when we were in Portugal last year, but I know better than to argue with Mrs B! Even so I have to say I do agree with… Read More

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